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Önskar köpa OE 36 MK II

Dear OE communityWe are a young family from Denmark, who has fallen in love with Olle Enderlein’s boat designs and especially with his OE36 MK II.

Please contact us, if you are thinking about selling your own beauty or know someone who does. Highest interest have boats in ready-to-sail condition.

We would also love to hear from you already now, even if you are thinking about selling after summer.

Fair winds and a good season
Mette and Moritz


Köpes OE32

I am a 72 years old man, and sail solo for long distances. Two years ago, I have fell in love with OE32, and I am very keen to take over guardianship of an OE 32. If you are thinking of selling your OE 32, please contact me on:  0044 7722 004 851, or email me on;  683858@gmail.com
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Dr Moghadas
Brighton, England